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I go through phases of reading so much to reading pretty much nothing! At the moment I'm such a book worm and reading so much but some books have really disappointed me but there are some which I've really been loving.

Divergent Trio
I'm calling these three books 1 one of my favourite reads as they all come together. I loved reading this series and I couldn't help but what to carry on reading until I was finished. I read these books pretty quickly because of this, I really enjoyed the action in them and the love story that falls behind it. I really recommend these books if you liked The Hunger Games then I think you would enjoy these, this series is quite old because the films are also out but I didn't manage to watch the films until after I read them which I also recommend especially with action books otherwise you know whats going to happen.

All The Right Places
I read this while I was on holiday and it lasted me the whole week away, it was a very easy read with such a nice story to go with it. It's about a boy and a girl who become friends and it's a very different 'love' story to the other books out there. It's similar to John Green books which I really enjoyed as well as they are so easy to read and don't have much of a massive storyline for you to be fully involved in the story if that makes sense! But I really do recommend it if you liked John Green's books and love an easy read.

The Girl On The Train
This was the most recent read, I've just finished it and I loved it! It's such an easy read and it's got a great story line that gets you hooked and I never wanted to put this book down and finished it pretty quickly! I really recommend this book to everyone and it's probably one of my favourites out of all the books I've read - which is a big statement; I've read quite a few!

What are your favourite books of all time?

Love Char x

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